drew malino shares his secret to comedy

Drew Malino is one of the hottest YouTube stars around. His videos have amassed over 40 million views since launching his channel in 2009, making him an elite member of the YouTube community. From making Chatroulette prank videos to doing impersonations of Barack Obama, Drew is truly a master comic on the rise. He not only makes phenomenal videos, but he’s an actor as well. However, his passion and drive come from a somewhat unconventional place. He’s not motivated by the thousands of likes, follows, comments or even the celebrity.

I spoke with the actor recently about his career aspirations, as well as what comedians have kept him inspired through the years, why he started making YouTube videos, and what advice he might have to offer to aspiring comics and performers.

TAM (The Actor’s Monolith):  What made you start your YouTube channel? And how many YouTube subscribers do you have now?

Drew Malino: I got started on YouTube in high school out of complete boredom. But I really shouldn’t have been that bored with as much school work as I had to do. I have over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, which took me about 6 years total to get. And mostly I do videos of me pranking and talking to people on chat sites like Chatroulette and Omegle.


TAM: You studied acting in high school. Fast forward and now you’re this huge internet star. You make videos every Monday and Thursday, so do you still have time to pursue acting?

Drew Malino: Yes! I’m happy to say that I’m still acting. At the moment I have a role in a web series called, The Church in which I play a character named, Eli. The Church is shot in the same style as The Office, but instead of an actual office it takes place in a church- which adds a weird, but really hilarious spin. I still love to act here and there when I can.

TAM: It’s great that your making time to follow your dreams as an actor. But you’re not just an actor are you? You specialize in comedy. You’re absolutely hilarious and you can make anyone laugh. Were you always the funny guy? And when did you first realize you had a knack for comedy?

Drew Malino: [laughs] Thank you! I don’t think that I can make anyone laugh, but I can make a good portion of people chuckle. I think in a way everyone is funny. You just have to be honest with your audience and state the obvious. And I’ve always loved making others laugh, especially my own family. I guess I’m not afraid to push things a little further than what most people are comfortable with. My motto is, “Live weird or die normal.”

Be sure to come back next week for part two of our exclusive interview with Drew Malino. You’ll learn exactly why the Pokemon franchise is so special to Drew, and which comedians inspire him the most. In the meantime, head over to Drew’s YouTube channel to check out his latest video.

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