5 Reasons you should be watching “GLOW”

You can’t go anywhere without seeing promotions for Netflix’s latest hit, GLOW.” Based on the popular 80’s show of the same name, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) centers around a rag tag team of actresses who find success on their very own syndicated wrestling program. Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin and Marc Maron headline the series from Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch. In case you aren’t convinced that you need GLOW in your life, here are 5 reasons why you should stop what you’re doing and start binging.

The Star

GLOW [Credit: Netflix]

Alison Brie’s credits include roles on Community and Mad Men, so it’s no surprise that she’s an amazing actress. Brie shines in the lead role of Ruth Wilder, a headstrong actress who wants to be taken seriously in the male dominated film and TV industry. Her performance as her Soviet wrestling alter ego, “Zoya the Destroya” is absolutely hilarious. She’s got plenty of one liners that will genuinely have you laughing out loud, including one about an ice cream Gulag.

It’s Progressive

GLOW [Credit: Netflix]

GLOW is a show with 14 female characters and just a handful of men. There aren’t many shows with such a huge cast that consists primarily of women. Its success is a testament to the idea that not every TV show has to have a male lead and a female love interest. The ladies run the show. Without them, there is no GLOW.

It’s Different

GLOW [Credit: Netflix]

We live in an age where traditional half hour comedies aren’t so…traditional. Streaming platforms have revolutionized the way stories are told and how we consume them. Each episode in the first season of Glow clocks in at around 30-37 minutes. The season is definitely a bit of a slow burn as opposed to non-stop jokes, but the slightly longer runtime lends itself well to the dramatic pacing of the show.

The Wrestlers

GLOW [Credit: Netflix]

Sheila “The She Wolf”, Junkchain, Beirut, Fortune Cookie, Vicky the Viking and Welfare Queen. These are just a few of the cast members you will absolutely fall in love with. Each wrestler is a character and if you’ve ever watched The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin or John Cena wrestle you will know exactly what I mean.

The Setting


The 1980’s are officially cooler than ever. 2016 brought us Stranger Things and 2017, GLOW. Am I sensing a pattern here? Big hair, bangs, leg warmers, shoulder pads, neon lights and synthesizers. It’s all here. Not to mention that 80’s cinematic look that’s hard to describe, but trust me it’s GORGEOUS (see what I did there). Cinematographer Christian Sprenger says ,“The main factor inspiring this visually grounded approach is the fact that the series is based on a true story.”

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