A Million Things to Love

Pull out the tissues. Tearjerker Thursdays are officially a thing–we’re calling it. If you’re not watching ABC’s breakout drama, “A Million Little Things,” you should be. Why? Well there are at least a million reasons, but we’ll narrow it down to four.

It’s Pretty Unique

Created by DJ Nash (Growing Up Fisher, Truth Be Told), AMLT is equal parts drama, comedy, and everything in between. The season kicks off with the suicide of Jon (Ron Livingston), a successful businessman, husband, father, and friend. At the same time Rome (Romany Malco), Eddie (David Giuntoli) and Gary (James Roday) are dealing with their own version of life’s curveballs: breast cancer, infidelity, and a failed suicide attempt. Heavy stuff, we know. But don’t be fooled by its more serious premise, especially for a program on the Disney owned ABC Network. If you’ve seen episode seven then you know how hilarious it is watching Rome pass a kidney stone.

It’s Shocking

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 7.21.29 PM
A Million Little Things [Credit: Youtube]

Ever watched The Departed? For your sake let’s hope the answer is “yes”. That ending scene is one of the most unexpected things you will ever see on a screen. But what AMLT lacks in Mobster crime lords and murder (so far anyway), its got no shortage of twists, betrayals, and mysteries. The plot thickens with each episode, taking you further down a web of lies and secrets crafted posthumously by Jon. What’s in the blue envelope? Who is Barbara Morgan? Did Jon have a plan? These are just a few of the questions plaguing fans of the show, who, by the way, have aptly been dubbed “millionaires”. Oh, there’s one episode right around the middle of the season that will have you asking yourself, “Did that really just happen?” Let’s just say it involves a four letter word and puke.

Its Got Romany Malco

No shade to the rest of the cast, but Romany is kind of awesome. Major kudos to the creative team and writers for crafting a character that we don’t see too often in film and TV; a black male struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. Christina Moses plays his wife, Regina. Throughout the season we watch her struggle to accept and support her husband as he seeks treatment in the form of therapy, and eventually medication. Romany’s performance is both extremely charismatic and subtlety brilliant. Add on a million dollar smile and a perfectly shaped bald head, and you’ve got TV’s new leading man.

Gary & Maggie

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A Million Little Things [Credit: Youtube]

Zack and Kelly, Jim and Pam, Olivia and Fitz. Gary and Maggie fit perfectly amongst the revered list of television’s most iconic couples. James Roday’s particular brand of boyish humor blends well with Allison Miller’s stark confidence. What makes the pair even more endearing are the ironic circumstances of their relationship. Gary’s cancer is in remission, while Maggie’s cancer has unfortunately returned. The back and forth of whether or not she will undergo chemo is one of the most heartbreaking–yet fully realized–storylines on television. Although fans of the series have made it pretty clear that Maggie had better be around for years to come. Don’t believe me? Check Twitter.

A Million Little Things airs Thursday nights at 9 pm ET on ABC.